How Chronos® and Antigermix® UV-C HLD accelerated workflows and increased the number of patients seen for providers.

"Fast, simple, effective."

“It ticks all the boxes! The disinfection process is now so fast that I have been able to do five times my usual number of vaginal ultrasounds every day. I am extremely pleased with the equipment. I have waited for this kind of solution for a long time, and now I don’t know what I would do without it!”

“By changing our disinfection procedure, we have become more effective.”

“We have reduced our stock of probes and are able to carry out between 15 and 20 follicular punctures in a morning with a single probe with no risk of infection.”

“This method is less corrosive for the probes.”

“Last year we had to purchase four or five endovaginal probes. Since we’ve had Chronos, we have only needed to use a single probe.”

“It is incredibly fast!”

“We used to treat 10 patients per month and now we are up to 45 per month. What’s more, Antigermix does no harm to the probe, which is very useful when we only have one.”

“Incredibly efficient”

“The quicker the machine, the more efficient the service and the less pressure we experience.”

“Chronos has changed our clinical practice as we now only need one probe per examination room since the system is so quick. A real-time saver and no more toxic fumes.”