Simple operation

Our one-button operation and user-friendly interface improves workflows and the daily work experience for users.

“I have no doubts about the benefits of your disinfection equipment.”

“In particular it saves time, is easy to use, and very user friendly (no evaporation of the disinfectant), particularly in consultation and gynecological emergencies. This disinfection method merits being more widely known.”

“Chronos® is an all-in-one solution, easy to use, and enables a high-level disinfection within a very short time. ”

“Chronos also guarantees the traceability of the procedure and integrates the disinfection report in the digital file without an impact on the workflow.”

“It’s a joy to use Chronos UV-C probe disinfection system as it provides the level of disinfection required and simplifies the method of probe decontamination from the
3-step procedure we were doing after each scan. It’s also noteworthy that no chemicals are involved, no consumables and is environment-friendly since it has zero percent packaging.”