Advanced digital traceability

Enhancing infection control and empowering healthcare administrators

Infection prevention managers and administrators rely on Prouv to investigate infection outbreaks, fulfill legal obligations, and track probe usage and status. These are just a few reasons why they select this advanced, digital traceability system. Prouv replaces paper logbooks and labels, and reduces the risk of human error.

Prouv supports administrators in meeting compliance goals, improving patient safety, and maintaining accreditation.

Prouv safeguards patient health.

Rapid access to
reliable information

This tracking and record-keeping method helps administrators measure, assess, and evaluate performance to reach compliance goals, improve patient safety, and maintain accreditation. It is also invaluable during audits.

A dedicated Prouv system for each ultrasound exam room allows healthcare professionals (HCPs) to only select ultrasound probes that have been disinfected. It lists used probes pending disinfection. The system removes human error, protecting against mistaken probe reuse. It also eliminates the need to manually identify which probes are available for use via probe covers or labels.

GDPR compliant with a user-friendly interface

Prouv replaces the need for paper logbooks, freeing up space that would otherwise be required for storage. Infection prevention specialists and managers can review or download unique traceability records with ease. This is especially useful during infection outbreaks. Prouv software is designed to ensure that healthcare facilities can comply with GDPR.


Our proprietary software, Germitrac, allows users to access records from any connected computer through a web browser without installing any additional software. Its range of intuitive data management functionalities include filtering data of disinfection cycles, adding comments, printing and downloading reports, viewing tickets, and more.