Powerful disinfection

Germitec’s UV-C HLD systems provide peace of mind to healthcare providers by ensuring that devices have been fully disinfected.

“We changed our disinfection system and we gained time, space, and the number of treatments we can offer.”

“Leaving aside the fact that chemical disinfection requires staff to be present throughout the 20-minute process, the products used change regularly depending on new standards and, importantly, this disinfection procedure is increasingly known to damage probes. With Chronos® UV-C disinfection, we no longer have this problem.”

“Chronos is simple to use and time effective.”

“Chronos also guarantees the traceability of the procedure and integrates the disinfection report in the digital file without an impact on the workflow.”

“It's a solution that hasn't added any extra work for practitioners.”

“Last year we had to purchase four or five endovaginal probes. Since we’ve had Chronos, we have only needed to use a single probe.”

“We’ve selected Chronos based on the fact that it is rigorously tested against high-risk cancer strains of Human Papillomavirus (HR-HPV), providing extra safety to our patients.”