GE HealthCare Probe Compatible With Germitec UV-C HLD

30 GE HealthCare has announced that an additional 70 ultrasound probes are compatible with Germitec’s chemical-free and ultrafast UV-C high-level disinfection (HLD) technology.

Refer to our online compatibility tool to find out if your GE HealthCare ultrasound probes are approved for use with Chronos® and Antigermix®.

GE Healthcare Online Probe Compatibility List.

GERMITEC is Compatible With 1,000+ Probes

GERMITEC has tested more than 1,000 ultrasound probes from numerous globally known manufacturers (Philips, Sonosite, Siemens, BK, Mindray, Samsung, Cannon, Hitachi Alkoa, Esaote, Butterfly, Ge HealthCare, Hologic, and more).

The list of compatible probes is regularly updated as the number of our clients continues to grow. Germitec is looking forward to working with new players in the expanding point-of-care ultrasound market. Together, we can provide a better and safer working environment in probe disinfection at the point of care.

Butterfly iQ in Chronos Chamber for HLD

For further information on ultrasound probe compatibility, please contact Germitec for a comprehensive probe compatibility list.