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3 Reasons Why Hospitals in Hong Kong Choose Chronos® for High-Level Disinfection

1. User-Friendliness. Chronos offers a remarkably user-friendly disinfection process that can be completed in as little as 60 to 90 seconds, making it much quicker and simpler to execute standard operating procedures (SOPs). In comparison, automated hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) systems demand more precautionary measures, such as handling probes before and after high-level disinfection (HLD), familiarizing oneself with various device warmup times, ensuring safety protocols for H2O2 cartridge storage, monitoring chemical indicator expiry dates, and determining their pass or fail status.  

2. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Benefits. Because it is chemical-free, Chronos is safer for both patients and healthcare professionals. It also eliminates burdens such as finding suitable storage locations for chemicals. 

In major cities where suitable storage locations for chemicals are hard to come by and implementing handling protocols add further strain on limited resources, Chronos offers a range of key benefits. In some places, a spill drill is required to be conducted twice a year. Unnecessary glove usage is high, as it is advised to wear gloves even after high-level disinfection (HLD) because there may be chemical residue left on the probe. Chronos eliminates these burdens due to its chemical-free operations.

3. Operational Cost Advantages. The Chronos system requires only an electrical connection to operate—there are no other running costs. Automated hydrogen peroxide systems have additional running costs, requiring chemical cartridges, chemical indicators, spilling kits, and specially built storage space for dangerous goods. Furthermore, to maintain a five-minute turnaround time, purchasing extra probes, and hiring dedicated staff for cleaning and disinfecting probes might be required. These ongoing tangible and intangible costs add up over time, and for infrequent users, these costs may be higher because H2O2 cartridges expire.