Building compatibility
through collaboration with

Approved by the world’s
best-known brands

Our devices are compatible and approved for use with probes
from leading manufacturers — and the list is always growing.

Note: Discuss probe compatibility requirements with your Germitec representative prior to purchase.

Chronos® and Antigermix® UV-C high-level disinfection systems are approved for use with probes made by all major manufacturers. They have been rigorously tested and endorsed by major brands, including GE HealthCare, Philips, Siemens, and many others.

Our Probe Compatibility Programme closely collaborates with probe manufacturers to obtain the maker’s seal of approval and ensure that probe material compatibility standards set by the manufacturer are met.

Discuss probe compatibility requirements with your Germitec representative prior to purchase.

5-Step Testing Process

To guarantee synergy between medical devices, our testing protocol includes laboratory tests of probes and materials provided by manufacturers, lab tests of materials representative of those used in the probes, discolouration assessments, documentary studies, and field observations of probes currently in use.

Step 1

Germitec and the
probe manufacturer agrees
on the test protocol.

Step 2

The manufacturer provides probe and/or material samples to be tested in the Chronos

Step 3

Germitec tests probes and/or probe material performance, conducting 4,000+ cycle processes.

Step 4

Germitec provides a documentary study with returned probes; the manufacturer observes the probes in use.

Step 5

Probe manufacturer adds Chronos or Antigermix to their list of approved probe disinfection systems.

Germitec is committed to determining compatibility through our established protocols, and to working with all major probe and ultrasound manufacturers to expand accessibility.

Our tests are carried out at a dedicated lab equipped to test multiple devices simultaneously. Germitec is also committed to full testing transparency with both customers and manufacturers.