Ultrafast UV-C high-level
disinfection for ultrasound

Leading the way in chemical-free, automated, high-level ultrasound probe disinfection — trusted by healthcare providers in 40+ countries.

When seconds count, Chronos delivers a fast, simple, clean solution for seamless ultrasound probe disinfection with digital traceability. With an ultrafast disinfection cycle of approximately 90 seconds, it streamlines clinical workflows, reduces equipment downtime, and lowers costs.

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Cutting-edge technology powered by ultraviolet light

Chronos leverages Yuvee®, Germitec’s pioneering HLD technology. Harnessing the germicidal properties of UV-C lightwaves, Yuvee enables photon energy to penetrate the cells of disease-causing microorganisms, including highly infectious human papillomavirus (HPV). Once inside, the energy is absorbed by the microorganism’s DNA, RNA, and proteins, rendering them inactive and unable to replicate and spread infection.


high-level disinfection cycle

From start to finish, Chronos reprocesses ultrasound probes in approximately 90 seconds, accelerating clinical workflows and maximising the number of patients examined.

Chronos® sets the standard of care.


Recipient of the Prix Galien award for Best Medical Device.

Highly compatible

Approved for use with 1K+ probes
from major brands.


Eco-friendly technology protects
patients and technicians.

Guaranteed traceability

Automatically tracks and saves disinfection and use history.


~90-second cycle increases the number of patients seen.


Proven to kill HPV - including high-risk strains that cause cancer.

Seamless, single-button disinfection system ensures a full cycle every time.

The Chronos Automated Verification System replaces the manual process of checking chemical indicators and test strips. This breakthrough technology both monitors the disinfection process and validates that disinfection is complete.

The system uses two photodiodes that measure the UV-C dose throughout the disinfection cycle. This ensures high-level disinfection (HLD). Then, a third photodiode —  part of the independent control system — validates a complete disinfection cycle based on the UV-C dose measurement. The system then alerts the user that the  cycle is complete.

Up to 15% of hospitalised patients contract
a healthcare-associated infection.*

Chronos kills bacteria, spores, fungi, and viruses,
including highly transmissible and resistant HPV.

*National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Guaranteed traceability

Probe disinfection status is tracked by Prouv®, digital technology that records and saves probe use history, making traceability easy. Prouv reduces human error by only allowing operators to select probes that have been disinfected. It replaces the need for paper labels, logbooks, and identification covers. Administrators can meet compliance requirements by easily reviewing or downloading complete records through Prouv’s intuitive interface.

The Chronos one-button, automated system ensures a reproducible disinfection cycle every time, replacing multiple manual steps. Its simple design and operation improves compliance and minimises training requirements.

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Chronos accessories

Custom designed trays and holders provide easy access and flexibility to store the cleaning materials, label printer, and probe connector.

Frequently asked questions

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What microbicidal effectiveness has been proven for Chronos?

The microbicidal efficacy of Chronos has been independently tested following standards set by leading regulatory authorities worldwide. Its disinfection effectiveness has been tested on bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores.

What are the occupational health and safety benefits of using UV-C HLD?

Using UV-C HLD offers several occupational health and safety benefits. Unlike traditional chemical-based disinfection, UV-C HLD does not produce harmful fumes or residues, making it safer for healthcare professionals and patients. It eliminates risks associated with handling and storing chemicals, reducing the likelihood of accidents or exposure.

How does the UV-C HLD mitigate environmental impacts?

UV-C HLD does not require the use of chemical disinfectants, which can be harmful to the environment, especially when disposed improperly. UV-C HLD technology uses minimal energy and limited water. It requires no single-use consumables, such as wipes or other disposables.

How is the UV-C high level disinfection achieved?

Germitec disinfection products emit an energy wavelength of 254 nm of UV-C. The dosage emitted inside the chamber is part of a proprietary algorithm owned by Germitec and tested extensively. This is to ensure the dose emitted meets all high-level disinfection (HLD) requirements across the full spectrum of microorganisms.

What training and accreditation is offered for Chronos?

Germitec offers comprehensive training and accreditation programmes for healthcare professionals using Chronos. These programmes cover the correct operation of the system, best practices for UV-C HLD, safety guidelines, and infection control protocols. Accreditation may vary depending on regional requirements.