Here’s what users say about our chemical-free HDL systems that eliminate toxic chemicals from their workplaces — making them safer for patients and staff.

“As as I am responsible for IVF, my choice was mainly guided by finding a solution with no chemical residues.”

“I can be sure that the probes I use for my IVF treatments are disinfected and that gives me real peace of mind. What’s more, speed of disinfection is a determining factor. With Chronos®, the probe is ready for use in 90 seconds and I can get on with my consultation without having to worry about anything.”

“It’s very reassuring for us as we no longer have to handle substances which were fairly toxic.”
“The machine is very easy to use and very effective.”

“It’s also much more reassuring to disinfect the probe after each patient, rather than using a wipe or chemical product on an individual basis. Before I started using Chronos, I would often get allergic reactions on my hands from using chemical substances and disinfectant wipes. Since I started using Germitec equipment that issue has gone away and I no longer suffer from any allergies.”

“Chronos has been proven to be effective.”

“It uses UV-C energy so there is no risk to healthcare professionals or patients, or waste or consumables. As a procedure it is particularly fast and easy to use, with automated traceability which confirms that disinfection has been successful. We have four Chronos machines, one for each endocavity ultrasound. Chronos meets all our expectations and those of our patients, whether they have voiced these or not. It fits seamlessly into the way we work. Thanks to the ultrafast UV-C energy, we can systematically carry out an HLD between each patient without losing time. It should be remembered that a doctor carries out more than 15 of such examinations every day.”

“8 minute, harsh on probe, chemical disinfection or 90 second, chemical free disinfection, is there really a choice here to be made? Best decision we’ve made for our ultrasound department and our environment.”