Next-level UV disinfection

Pioneering UV-C disinfection technology

Yuvee technology achieves ultrafast high-level disinfection (HLD) by harnessing the power of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light, also called germicidal UV. Supported by decades of research and development, Yuvee is a leader in UV-C HLD.

How Yuvee works

Ultraviolet-C, or UV-C, comes from the sun and artificial sources, including some fluorescent lights. Its germicidal properties render harmless microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria, and spores.

As far back as 1877, public health experts observed that sunlight could slow bacterial growth. Commercial water treatment systems turned to UV-C in the 1950s.

Today, UV-C is used in a range of applications such as robots for room disinfection, air treatment in operating rooms, and for the disinfection of reusable medical instruments.

Yuvee achieves high-level disinfection by harnessing the wave properties of light particles to deliver UV-C energy.

Photon energy inactivates microorganisms

Yuvee’s UV-C photon energy penetrates microorganisms. That energy is absorbed by cellular DNA, RNA, and proteins, leaving cells unable to function and replicate and preventing cross-infection.

With Yuvee, ultrasound probes can be disinfected in an ultrafast time of approximately 90 seconds using Chronos®. Antigermix®’s disinfection process takes approximately 180 seconds.

Benefits of Yuvee technology

This pioneering technology can be used to achieve full and reliable HLD without the need for chemicals. Far superior to manual disinfection methods, Yuvee is exponentially faster and is safer for patients and staff.

Automated solution
Enables ultrafast HLD
Guaranteed traceability
Clinically proven
Safe for equipment

Chemical-free disinfection

Disinfecting with Yuvee technology safeguards staff and patients by avoiding hazardous chemicals, toxic residues, fumes, and spills.

Yuvee technology applied

Our Chronos and Antigermix systems leverage Yuvee technology to achieve reliable, chemical-free HLD. They feature a fully automated one-button process and include automatic validation and an integrated digital traceability system.

Disinfects ultrasound probes in ~90 seconds
Disinfects TEE/TOE non-lumen scopes in ~ 180 seconds

Automated verification reduces human error and protects patients

Integrated technology monitors and validates the Yuvee disinfection process using two photodiodes that continuously measure and monitor the UV-C dose. It then signals that disinfection is complete. This saves time by automatically and instantly validating every disinfection cycle, replacing time-consuming chemical processes.