The ultimate solution

HLD of ultrasound probes is now the norm and yet the techniques that were available were far from straightforward. This is why Germitec® has developed Hypernova Chronos® et Antigermix®, the 4th and last disinfection method.

Save time and free up resources

Users of Antigermix® have experienced:

Up to a fivefold increase in the number of examinations
  • «Fast, simple, effective. It ticks all the boxes! The disinfection process is now so fast that I have been able to do five times my usual number of vaginal ultrasounds every day. I am extremely pleased with the equipment. I have waited for this kind of solution for a long time, and now I don't know what I would do without it!»
    Dr Clabeau, Gynaecologist
  • «It is incredibly fast! We used to treat 10 patients per month and now we are up to 45 per month. What's more, Antigermix® does no harm to the probe which is very useful when we only have one.»
    Ms Moreau, Urological Nurse, HEGP
Up to a fivefold decrease in the number of probes

Queen Elizabeth Hospital avoided buying 2 additional TO ultrasound probes to ease exams rhythm by purchasing one AE1, thus generating immediate profit.

  • «Last year we had to purchase four or five endovaginal probes. Since we've had Antigermix®, we have only needed to use a single probe.»
    Pierre Léger, Biomedical Department, Saint-Joseph Hospital, Marseille
  • «By changing our disinfection procedure we have become more effective. We have reduced our stock of probes and are able to carry out between 15 and 20 follicular punctures in a morning with a single probe with no risk of infection.»
    Mr Messager, IVF Clinical Operations Officer for La Muette Hospital
The life expectancy of probes increased up to threefold

CHIC Créteil performed 1 HLD per day on vaginal probes and bought 3 probes each year. With AS1, HLD is systematic between patients and no additional probe needs to be purchased for several years.
EHGP changed its TE probes (1 TE probe ≈ €30k) 24 times during 31 months before AE1, only 8 times during 32 months with AE1

  • «This method is less corrosive for the probes. »
    Pierre Léger, Head of Biomedical Department, St. Joseph, Marseille
  • «We changed our disinfection system in June 2009 and we have gained in time, space and the number of treatments we can offer. Leaving aside the fact that chemical disinfection requires staff to be present throughout the 20-minute process, the products used change regularly depending on new standards and, importantly, this disinfection procedure is increasingly known to damage probes.With Antigermix® UV-C disinfection, we no longer have this problem. »
    Dr Villière, Clinique Mathilde, Rouen

Forget about chemical risk!

  • «Insofar as I am responsible for IVF, my choice was mainly guided by finding a solution with no chemical residues; I can be sure that the probes I use for my IVF treatments are disinfected and that gives me real peace of mind. What's more, speed of disinfection is a determining factor. With Antigermix®, the probe is ready for use in 1’30” and I can get on with my consultation as normal without having to worry about anything.»
    Dr Alexandre, Clinique de la Chataigneraie
  • «It’s also very reassuring for us insofar as we no longer have to handle substances which were fairly toxic. »
    Edith Gumbeau, Nurse, St. Joseph, Marseille
  • «The machine is very easy to use and very effective. It's also much more reassuring to disinfect the probe after each patient, rather than using a wipe or chemical products on an individual basis. Before I started using Antigermix®, I would often get allergic reactions on my hands through using chemical substances and disinfectant wipes. Since I started using Germitec® equipment, that issue has gone away and I no longer suffer from any allergies.»
    Dr VADROT, Ultrasound Radiologist, sector 2, Paris

General consensus!

  • «I am in no doubt about the benefits of your disinfection equipment, in particular it saves time, is easy to use and very user friendly (no evaporation of the disinfectant) particularly in Consultation and Gynaecological Emergencies (3493 births and 20,009 admissions to accident and emergency in 2014). This disinfection method merits being more widely known.»
    Gilles Vaneson, Biomedical Engineer, Créteil Intercommunal Hospital.
  • «Favourable opinion from users : fast and easy to use, takes up little space (...) Suggestions: introduce this type of equipment in all relevant services.»
    Ms Suchel and Dr Gerbier-André CHICAS, presentation at the 2009 RIPHH Congress
  • «Germitrac® software has proved very useful for finding everything online, we need this for our jobs on a daily basis as it allows us to cross-reference different files and deliver a better-quality service. From a cost-saving point of view, our budget was also a determining factor in choosing Antigermix® technology.»
    Lafourcade Clinic, Bayonne
  • «Antigermix® has been proven to be effective. It uses UV-C radiation so there is no risk to health care professionals or patients, or waste or consumables. As a procedure it is particularly fast and easy to use, with automated traceability which confirms that disinfection has been successful. We have four Antigermix® machines, one for each endocavity ultrasound. Antigermix® meets all our expectations and those of our patients whether they have voiced these or not. It fits seamlessly into the way we work. Thanks to the ultrafast UV-C radiation, we can systematically carry out an ILD between each patient without losing time and it should be remembered that a doctor carries out more than 15 of such examinations every day.»
    Dr Dana, Head of Radiology Department, American Hospital Paris, Chairman Institut de Radiologie de Paris
  • «Overview:7 months of use. Unanimous user satisfaction. Rigorous traceability (software). Relatively inexpensive compared with the investment of time and equipment for immersion»
    Lyon Nord Rilleux Clinic, presentation to the 2009 RIPHH Congress
  • «The traceability software delivered with Antigermix S1® allows disinfection notices two remain in the machine's memory and we publish them every week and add them to their respective files. From a legal point of view, this is very important for us: in the event of the dispute with a patient following a nosocomial infection, not only is the clinic cleared of any responsibility, but the doctors can at all times provide prove that the probes have been disinfected.»
    Dr Zambrano-Caceres, Vichy
  • «We were precursors in the area of disinfection and Antigermix S1® was the perfect addition to our protocol; it has allowed us to fulfil our recommendation to carry out an ILD/HLD between each patient.Previously, this was much more difficult to implement when we used chemical substances.»
    Dr Gardrat, Centre Hospitalier de Bernay