About us

Germitec® was founded in 2005 and sought to offer a radical solution to healthcare professionals who were experiencing considerable difficulty in effectively disinfecting their ultrasound probes.
We have developed the Antigermix® which replaces chemistry with photons and thus represents a technological breakthrough. Antigermix® is ​​the 4th and last method of High-Level Disinfection of medical devices, intended to replace previous generations: chemical soaking, systems using multiple wipes, and semi-automatic systems using hydrogen peroxide.
Germitec® has been recognized as an innovative company by the French Public Investment Bank. In 2019, Germitec® launched the Hypernova Chronos® that replaces Antigermix®.

Core mission
To develop hospital hygiene systems which radically simplify the lives of healthcare professionals and give them peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their patients;

For more than 10 years, Germitec® has worked on developing the 4th and last High-Level Disinfection method which offers major practical benefits:

  • It is easily applied to everyday practice: it is extremely simple to install – all that is needed is an electrical connection – and to use – just one click.
  • It is the only solution that provides automated verification of disinfection: integrated sensors measure the quantity of photons reaching the instrument and replace normal methods of traceability which require analysis of color changes in chemical indicators.
  • It is time-saving and frees up resources maximizing the availability of probes and healthcare professionals
  • It is free of chemicals, toxic hazards, and consumables (no further need for the procurement, management, storage, and recycling of regulated toxic consumables).
  • The machine is fully environmentally friendly and recyclable

High standards
Germitec® meets 13485, and designs and produces innovative equipment meeting the highest standards and levels of verification. The company works with leading laboratories and scientific centers in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.

World-class technology